Portland Condo Sales over One Million Dollars

Portland Condo Sales over One Million Dollars are increasing Portland condo sales of  luxury condos for over a million dollars is doing very well. 2012 sales of one-million-plus condo properties increased  267 percent over 2011. From 12 units to 32 units sold. The first quarter of 2013 showed nine million-dollar-plus condos sold. The average million-plus

Pearl District Condo Spotlight

Marshall Wells Lofts- Pearl District Condo Building – Search all Marshall Wells listings 1420 Northwest Lovejoy Street, Portland 97209 This week’s condo building spotlight is the Pearl District‘s historic Marshall Wells Lofts. Modern conveniences plus the character and charm of yesterday. An actual old warehouse in a neighborhood of new ones. Marshall Wells was designed

Portland Condo Taxes

Portland condo owners receive three county tax bills every year for their condo. One tax bill is for your condo, one is for your parking space. If your condo has deeded storage you will receive a third tax bill. It does seem like a waste for Multnomah County to print and mail three separate tax

Hottest 2 Portland Neighborhoods for Real Estate

We all know that real estate is local. Right down to the neighborhood you live in. Let’s start at the city level, Portland’s average home price rose 18.4 percent over same month last year per the Regional Multiple Listing Service. Case-Shiller Home Price Indices has a 9.4 percent increase for February over same month last